Good Food, Ghosts and Hideaways!


While collecting content for Portland’s Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms book, I uncover some really fascinating insights into many of our well-known and well-loved establishments, like NorthWest Public (NWPH) House on Kearney and 23rd.

If you haven’t been yet, he’s a brief description to help you visualize. The house is a two-level craftsman home built in 1906. In 2011 the house opened as a gastropub / sports lounge. Three outdoor decks and 12 HDTV’s, can you say great place to soak up some sun or take in a game! [Read more…]

A Historical Look at Powell’s Books


It never fails, I think to myself: I’m going to run into Powell’s to pick up this specific book and be on my way. Turns out to be exactly like saying “I’m just going to run into Target to buy shampoo” – $80 later and 3 bags full of items, other than shampoo, are in your trunk. Powell’s has a way of persuading you to stay and linger long after you have your sought after book in hand. If you don’t stay focused on your mission and you happen to look up, you are quickly drawn to rows and rows of books, stairs that entice you to see where they lead, rooms and rooms of color, book displays that are unassuming yet still beckon you to their table and novelty items that make you wonder, who can I buy this for? All these attributes converge together and WHAM before you know it, you’ve got 3 bags and $80 worth of books and such, filling up your trunk!  

Knowing you love exploring Powell’s is a well know fact, knowing how Powell’s came to be, is a lesser known fact. Here’s a great piece about the history of Powell’s Books, one of the most famous bookstores in the country.


Powell's 3

 The following article was written by Greg Brian, Yahoo! Contributor Network

What’s interesting is that even though people are looking for bargains in books–one major bookstore in Portland,Oregon that’s famous all around the world is still doing just fine as a walk-in store and longtime internet dealer.

That particular book store is called Powell’s Books. You don’t save much money shopping for books there–though that isn’t the point. It’s a vast universe full of the latest books and out of print books you wouldn’t be able to find in one place anywhere else in the United States.
If you’re one to travel at some point during the year, you might want to be like all other tourists and take in this bookstore at least once in your lifetime of travels. You should know about its history, though (many tourists don’t know a thing about it until getting there), and learn about some examples of the types of books you can find there. I almost have to end the article here and give an exaggerated answer of “nearly everything ever written.” [Read more…]

Google + Art Museums = Culture – Crowds

This Girl On The Go is gearing up for a trip to The Big Apple next week. I’ll be taking my two older sons along for their first exposure to “The Big City and Bright Lights.”  Aside from scouting out all the flagship longboarding stores, best bagels and pizza joints the Big Apple has to offer, we have plans to hit up all the major sites including The Met and MoMA. As I started poking around the internet for “tween” friendly information about these two art museums, I came across Art Project powered by Google.

Art lovers and art “curious” be forewarned the following will suck you in and consume not only all your free time but could quite easily eat away at your valuable work time! If you’re bound to waste some valuable worktime today, I can’t think of any lovelier way to do so.

Last year Google teamed up with 17 acclaimed art museums from around the globe and created Art Project. Art Project allows you to stroll through the halls of these famed museums, linger in their courtyards, look so incredibly close-up you’ll be able to see van Gogh’s brush strokes! The high resolution imagery is so clear, it’s second best to being there!

While viewing the art pieces on one half of your screen, you can choose from a drop down menu on the other half to: listen to the museum’s audio tours; read history or lesser known facts about these famous works and the museum; watch YouTube videos made by the museums about some of the art pieces and begin to create your own “artwork collection” that can be shared via social media outlets.

It’s Friday, enjoy some of the most breathtaking art pieces from around the world this weekend sans the jet lag and crowds.

The Art of A-WOL


Do you remember swinging on the monkey bars and loving the feeling of hanging upside down then flipping through your hands? I do!
Have you ever watched kids playing and shrieking with laughter then find yourself smiling because that joy is contagious?  That’s the best.
You know how a song can transport you and alter your mood? Happens to me on a daily basis.

A-WOL stands for Aerial Without Limits. The dancers at A-WOL are rehearsing for their Spring show Left Of Center which runs April 26-28th.  I had the pleasure of attending one of their open house rehearsals last week. The dancers ran through approximately 5 pieces from the show. Even without sets, costumes, props or lighting the pieces transported the viewer to an enchanted imagery where one could just sit back and enjoy this playful world that was unfolding in front of their eyes.  Dancers floating across the stage on flying trapeze, a graceful dance with a chair high above the stage, colorful silks that enabled fearless stunts of strength and beauty, playful romps with expressive movements and the unmistakable joyful smiles that naturally presented themselves on the dancers faces.

Left Of Center originally premiered, outdoors, in Mary S. Young Park in 2008. The aerial silks and trapeze were rigged from trees and the dancers brought to life an imaginary series of dreams in an off-beat storyline, like dreams so often present themselves. The show was a hit as well as being so much fun for the performers. This spring A-WOL decided to bring the fun and fanciful world of Left Of Center back to the audience and their dancers. The only change, it will be staged indoors at A-WOL’s warehouse space near the Rose Quarter.

Buy your tickets and take yourself back to the days of flight, laughter and imagination. This show is great for the entire family. Tip for attendees, dress in layers. The warehouse will be heated but it is a huge space so it’s hard and expensive to monitor the climate. Dress in layers and you’ll have no worries. There are only 4 performances so buy your tickets before they sell out! Ticket prices are very reasonable and kids pay their age- what a deal!  

Below I have a sneak peak from a rehearsal of Left Of Center. Before you watch – I want to let you know if you do remember the feeling of flying and flipping on those monkey bars, or if you’re looking for an alternative fun workout,  A-WOL offers Trapeze, Aerial Silk, FlyFit and PlayFit, Aerial Yoga, Kids and Teen classes!  

Information on A-WOL classes and ticketing for Left Of Center can be found on their website.

Rehearsal Piece from Left Of Center

Now take a look at some A-WOL footage in full costume, lights and music!

Portland, A Pinball Mecca!


My initial intention in drafting this post was to inform about the Pinball Tournament, Rose City Showdown IV, coming up this weekend.  I’m crazy about pinball – not good at it – but none-the- less I do cash in a couple dollars and set my fingers on fire, flicking the flappers and flippantly letting the “f” bombs flow all during the course of my 2 minute, or less, game.

So when I read about the pinball tournament I thought, wow maybe I could aspire to be that good someday – no not really, but I did think it was interesting in a Portlandia sort of way.  As I dug a little deeper into this Portland pinball theme, I uncovered a Portland Pinball Phenomenon.

Rose City Pinball states ” Portland is a pinball mecca with over 500 games at 230 + locations in Portland.” Rose City Pinball was created to promote competitive pinball in Portland and the Northwest by supporting major tournaments. You can find all things related to pinball tournaments here.

Portland Pinball Map is where you can sign up for Twitter updates about all the newest pinball locations, add locations, check out pinball specific maps in other areas across the country as well as British Columbia.Llooking for a pinball app for your iphone or android – you can find it here. Wanna keep tabs on the list of “rippers” putting up the highest scores in town – all this informaton can be found at:

Crazy Flipper Fingers – LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. Not only does it give die hard “flippers” a community to join or aspire to join, because they only take on members by invitation; this January they started a lifestyle advice column on their blog called “Ask Tilt”. Flippers now have a source to answer their most dire questions about pinball, love or drinking or any combination of the three and TILT, their “pinballiest, loveliest, drinkiest” member, will answer with wise wit and a dose of snarkiness.

[Read more…]

Roller Derby and Anti-Valentine’s Party


Making plans to check one of the 10 items off my Must See And Do List 2012. Roller Derby and what sounds like it could be a very dangerous party to follow, booze and skates? 

High Rollers vs. Guns N Rollers 6-8pm  Friday Feb.18th

First home team bout this season at the Hangar Oaks Park. General admission is $14, doors open at 5 bout starts at 6pm

Heartless Heathers 7th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Party

February 18, 2012, 9:00 pm to 2:00 am




Heathers, Spanking and Dancing, oh my!

$5 suggested donation at the door, 21 and over.

 Water Shed PDX  5040 SE Milwaukie

A night to remember…or wish you didn’t.  Love ’em or leave ’em with a night with your favorite cold-hearted ladies, the Heartless Heathers, at Watershed PDX a skip and a hop away from the hangar for their 7th annual fundraiser.  The party comes complete with a full bar, music, dancing on a skate-able floor, and the notorious games and attractions that have made these parties go down in infamy- ala the Spanking Booth, ‘Kiss Off’ Booth, Human Wheel of Misfortune and NEW AND EXCITING NEW GAMES! You seriously do NOT want to be on the outside looking in! So put it on your calendar and get ready to have a blast!


The Broadway Bridge


The Broadway Bridge is a bascule bridge that is the longest Rall-type bascule bridge in existence today. It is painted Golden Gate Red, also known as international orange.

The Bridge was opened in 1913. With it’s 11 foot wide sidewalks, it is one of the main bridges for bicycle traffic across the Willamette River. As of  a 2001 study, the Broadway Bridge has over 2,000 daily bicycle crossings!

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Glassbones Riveted and Rocked The Someday Lounge


Another talented indie rock band based in Portland, Glassbones riveted and rocked The Someday Lounge On Friday Feb. 3, 2012.

Glassbones consists of 4 band members; Colin Johnson, Eric Fisher, Ricky Wilkins and Mathieu Lewis Rolland, they classify their music as indie rock with elements of grunge and punk. Colin Johnsons’ lead vocals have a distinct sound and, for me, it was quite mesmerizing. Their lyrics grab you from the beginning and draw you in, anxiously awaiting to hear how the story unfolds.

They recently released an EP album entitled ” There’s Still Time Left” with 7 soulful tracks. You can download it from itunes. I’m keeping my eye on the calendar for their next live show.