We Can Pickle That!


The line made famous from season 2 of Portlandia has a pretty decent amount of truth to it here in Portland. The 2nd Annual Perfect Pickle Competition, will take place Monday Feb.6th at Holocene from 6-12pm. Pickle Tasting is from 7-8 only. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to The Dill Pickle Club, a non-profit organization who’s goal is to broaden people’s knowledge about Portland’s past, present and future.

Last September, 12 of Portland’s top chefs were given 10lbs of organic pickling cucumbers with the challenge to create the perfect pickle! Chop won the briney title of Best Pickler last year, will they be able to hold on to that title, or will it slide right out of their hands like a watermelon greased with vaseline!  [Read more...]

Portland Music Awards 2012


Plans shifted and a last minute invite to The Portland Music Awards (PMA) on Sunday night swooped in to occupy my night. I met a friend downstairs at Ringers for a drink before heading up to the award show.  He pointed me to the empty seat at their booth and when the introductions were made I found myself sitting next to Rob Wynia from Floater! I never realize Portland had this Grammy style awards show, nor did I ever think I would be going to it and yet here I was having a drink, sitting in a booth next to Rob. Not bad for last minute plans on a rainy Sunday night.

The PMA was hosted at the Crystal Ballroom and it had all the hallmarks of a typical award show. A MC, local celebrity Hosts, comedians,agents and artists mingling making introductions and new connections, a “winners” interview and photo area with glarring bright lights, and a stage that showcased a revolving mix of talented local artists -plus a few non-local but well known blasts from the past.

The Line Up included:

Roger Fisher ( founder member of Heart) with Dennis Mitchell (The Kingsmen)

Tommy Tutone (867-5309)

Kandles At Nine (w/Deen Costronovo from Journey, Craig Montoya from Everclear)

Rob Wynia ( Floater)


Reva DeVito


Crown Point

The Mermaid Problem

Delaney & Paris

Brad Parsons

The Portland Gay Men’s Choir

Here are a few clips of the local talent that took the stage at the PMA Sunday night.

Rob Wynia performing Frozen Ground, a song from his solo album, Iron By Water. My personal favorite performance of the night.


[Read more...]

Pinned Up, Propped Over and Peeking Under


Yesterday while photographing 7 more amazing bathrooms! I started to laugh out loud. I was laughing because I found myself sprawled out on the bathroom floor of the heavily mirrored, fabulously themed bathroom in Departure, steadying my camera, manipulating my body so I wouldn’t be in the shot and at one point my head and camera were peeking out from under the handicap stall! All this to capture that one “money” shot. (a note to you all who think- ick how could you lay on the bathroom floor?) Departure was closed and the bathrooms were freshly mopped, the scent of pine sol permeated the air.

When I wrapped up photographing, I started to think – and that led to more laughing out loud, I have never been pinned up against a bathroom wall, straddling a toilet, propped over a sink so many times and found myself readjusting my clothes before exiting a bathroom AND not been less physically satisfied!

The mental satisfaction of capturing that “money” shot as well as the laughability factor – priceless.

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Portland Pulp has “flushed out” the inside scoop on memorable bathrooms!

Secretly Enjoying Work

In “My Office”

Ok that pun is not so good – or should I say doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Having photographed over 17 bathrooms within the last 7 days, I am taking a few days to organize, review and work on the layout of the book.

I’m starting a mockup of 2 versions and it’s exciting to see, even in a very rough draft form, this book coming together! Every establishment has been so incredibly supportive and completely enthusiastic about this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ok here’s my bathroom trivia question:

In what bathroom would you find a taxidermy menagerie?

Think you know the answer, leave it in the comments below! If you are correct you will receive a free copy of the book! If you come up with a correct but different answer than mine – you will receive a book too and I may have uncovered yet another fun and funky bathroom to add to the book!

Miz Kitty’s Parlour


Miz Kitty’s Parlour is a Vaudville Revusical and Novelty Show and has been a Portland event for the past decade. This January was my very first “parlour act” and I loved it! Lisa Marsicek IS Miss Kitty. Her saucy and sexy charm wins everyone over, wearing a corset, red and black stripped stockings with sequined  boy shorts that peek out from under her feathery clad derriere, she instantly puts a smile on your face. [Read more...]

The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop


The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop is exactly what I saw printed on the window when I happened to look up. I was walking down 14th Ave, just past Johnson, and I looked up. I read the sign, I walked 5 more steps and I stopped. I was looking for a printer. Could I just walk in off the street into this extremely old building and apparently extremely old print shop and say “Hi, I need some letterhead printed. Can you help make it happen? Oh and can you make it look like this business card I already have, but have no computer file for it’s likeness?” The notion seemed unlikely but I was in a rather optimistic mood that day and so I went in. [Read more...]

It’s The Little Things


It’s the little things that mean the most-

Laughing with friends,

A compliment from a complete stranger,

The excited faces of kids mixing cookie dough,

A movie quote that warms the heart.

It’s the little things that turn out to be some of the biggest motivating factors in our lives and can also be our most memorable accessories! What? Yes, I did just take a very profound sentiment and give it a fashion spin! This is a blog about the The New Spaces, Places and Faces of Portland ,after all, and not words of wisdom from The Happy Buddah. [Read more...]

McRib, McFuquin Lovin it ????


Last night my friend, lets call her YLLOM – I promised to change her name, didn’t promise to change it to a different name – invited me over to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up. Before we headed over I texted to see if they had finished with dinner so we wouldn’t be intruding.

Her reply was “The kids have had their yearly McRib this evening so we are good to go.”

I, of course, replied - LOL

After we arrived, and my very generous glass of wine was poured, she began to enlighten me with this phenomenon known as the McRib Sandwich! [Read more...]

Bourbon, Barstools and Bumping Elbows



Two of the many reasons I love Portland; your taste buds are elevated by the exquisite cocktails that are churned out by some of the best bartenders one will encounter and your circle of friends becomes elevated by the amazingly interesting people who sit next to you at the bar.

The setting was Clyde Common, a European styled tavern that is adjoining the retro cool, in a laid back betnik sort of way, ACE Hotel on SW Stark. I was enjoying my melody of olives, a ramekin of salted almonds and a delightful cocktail made by the always capable and always cordial bartenders. [Read more...]