“Bout” Time To See The Rose City Roller Derby Girls In Action!



With the 7th season under way, and sell outs occurring almost every night, it seems evident the Rose City Rollers have “jammed” their way into Portlanders hearts.

I attended my very first “bout” and it was exciting and confusing but more importantly it made me want to attend another bout – soon!

The Rose City Roller’s bouts take place in the hangar located in the back parking lot of Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood. One of my first thoughts upon entering and looking at the track was, why is the track flat? Where are the banks and turns? I was informed by a friend that “flat track” derby started in Texas around 10 years ago with the sports resurgence into mainstream. A flat track was a lot less money and easier to to maintain. The flat track, although a little slower, but with no outer rail a powerful hip check could still send a player sliding across the track only to be stopped by the feet, lap or arms of a paying spectator – the thrill was still there and that’s what counted! So flat track quickly became the norm for Derby’s reintroduction. [Read more…]

Scenes from The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

The Anti-Valentine’s Day party hosted by the Heartless Heathers, a Rose City Roller team, took place at the Watershed PDX after the Roller Derby on Saturday the 18th.

It was a wickedly fun party and fundraiser for the team.

Spanking Booth, Wheel of Misfortune ( which I did get strapped onto and those girls were relentless with the spins!!!), dancing to the beat of classics, a ring toss that made me blush, tarot card readings, naughty but delicious cocktails. 

We had a blast, thanks Heartless Heathers!!!!! 




To mark your calendar for the next Heartless Heathers Heart Pumping Party or for a schedule for their next bout, check out their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Heartless-Heathers/57646381076 or the Rose City Rollers website http://www.rosecityrollers.com/  

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The Art of A-WOL


Lovely Words In The Clouds


If you took a survey, which ironically I actually did, and asked your closest friends for adjectives that best described you – do you think you’d be surprised by their replies?

 I wasn’t fishing for compliments and that is exactly what I told my dear friends, I was just doing some research. I informed them that the adjectives did not ALL have to be complimentary either – hopefully the negatives wouldn’t be the first adjectives that popped into their heads but with some of the people I surveyed, those very easily could have been their first thoughts!

Do your friends see you as you see yourself? Does it matter? More often than not how you see yourself is a reflection of how you “feel” and how your friends see you, is how you portray yourself. Hopefully the two are similar but variations in those perspectives will always be present and can also be very enlightening. That’s what makes this “research” so intriguing and introspective. I was surprised to read what they came back with. I also thought it was telling in a way that expressed what you bring to that friend and that friendship.

I was humbled, humored and even reminded of some of my less noteworthy characteristics.

Some of my favorites: complex, true, luminous, exciting, trusting, spontaneous, convivial, mad-sexy, confident, beautiful, talented, spunky,charismatic, brave, dedicated

Some of my reminders: defensive, obstinate, cantankerous, moody

Some adjectives I would have written for myself but that didn’t come up: passionate, sensible ( stop laughing, I AM sensible), sentimental, and vivacious.

Do some “research”, see what you uncover. For me, it was 2 days of delightful surprises and confirmation that my friends & family are truly amazing, supportive and THE BEST any girl could wish for.

So now that you have all of these wonderfully thoughtful, uplifting adjectives about yourself, what do you do?

Create a word cloud, print it and look at it everyday and remember you have all these amazing attributes.

Wordle is a free site where you can generate “word clouds” from text you provide.You can tweak your clouds’ font, layout, and colors. The images you create from Wordle are yours to use however you like. It’s a really fun tool and a great way to capture and display your “research.” I’ve also used it to creatively display poems I love, or as a reminder to my kids of all their “wonderfulness” and as a thoughful gift to friends, parents or teachers.


Portland, A Pinball Mecca!


My initial intention in drafting this post was to inform about the Pinball Tournament, Rose City Showdown IV, coming up this weekend.  I’m crazy about pinball – not good at it – but none-the- less I do cash in a couple dollars and set my fingers on fire, flicking the flappers and flippantly letting the “f” bombs flow all during the course of my 2 minute, or less, game.

So when I read about the pinball tournament I thought, wow maybe I could aspire to be that good someday – no not really, but I did think it was interesting in a Portlandia sort of way.  As I dug a little deeper into this Portland pinball theme, I uncovered a Portland Pinball Phenomenon.

Rose City Pinball states ” Portland is a pinball mecca with over 500 games at 230 + locations in Portland.” Rose City Pinball was created to promote competitive pinball in Portland and the Northwest by supporting major tournaments. You can find all things related to pinball tournaments here.


Portland Pinball Map is where you can sign up for Twitter updates about all the newest pinball locations, add locations, check out pinball specific maps in other areas across the country as well as British Columbia.Llooking for a pinball app for your iphone or android – you can find it here. Wanna keep tabs on the list of “rippers” putting up the highest scores in town – all this informaton can be found at:


Crazy Flipper Fingers – LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. Not only does it give die hard “flippers” a community to join or aspire to join, because they only take on members by invitation; this January they started a lifestyle advice column on their blog called “Ask Tilt”. Flippers now have a source to answer their most dire questions about pinball, love or drinking or any combination of the three and TILT, their “pinballiest, loveliest, drinkiest” member, will answer with wise wit and a dose of snarkiness.


[Read more…]

Roller Derby and Anti-Valentine’s Party


Making plans to check one of the 10 items off my Must See And Do List 2012. Roller Derby and what sounds like it could be a very dangerous party to follow, booze and skates? 

High Rollers vs. Guns N Rollers 6-8pm  Friday Feb.18th

First home team bout this season at the Hangar Oaks Park. General admission is $14, doors open at 5 bout starts at 6pm


Heartless Heathers 7th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Party

February 18, 2012, 9:00 pm to 2:00 am




Heathers, Spanking and Dancing, oh my!

$5 suggested donation at the door, 21 and over.

 Water Shed PDX  5040 SE Milwaukie

A night to remember…or wish you didn’t.  Love ’em or leave ’em with a night with your favorite cold-hearted ladies, the Heartless Heathers, at Watershed PDX a skip and a hop away from the hangar for their 7th annual fundraiser.  The party comes complete with a full bar, music, dancing on a skate-able floor, and the notorious games and attractions that have made these parties go down in infamy- ala the Spanking Booth, ‘Kiss Off’ Booth, Human Wheel of Misfortune and NEW AND EXCITING NEW GAMES! You seriously do NOT want to be on the outside looking in! So put it on your calendar and get ready to have a blast!


Glassbones Riveted and Rocked The Someday Lounge


Another talented indie rock band based in Portland, Glassbones riveted and rocked The Someday Lounge On Friday Feb. 3, 2012.

Glassbones consists of 4 band members; Colin Johnson, Eric Fisher, Ricky Wilkins and Mathieu Lewis Rolland, they classify their music as indie rock with elements of grunge and punk. Colin Johnsons’ lead vocals have a distinct sound and, for me, it was quite mesmerizing. Their lyrics grab you from the beginning and draw you in, anxiously awaiting to hear how the story unfolds.

They recently released an EP album entitled ” There’s Still Time Left” with 7 soulful tracks. You can download it from itunes. I’m keeping my eye on the calendar for their next live show.





A NobaL Home in the The Pearl


Nobal Home is home to a treasure trove of housewares, gifts, cards, art and the likes, for everyone and every budget. Nobal home was orginally an acronym of the owners names; Neil, Orlando, Barbara and Larry. Since its opening on June 1st of last year, Nobal has taken on another meaning North Of Burnside… A Little. You can find Nobal Home on NW 9th between Couch and Davis. Just a few doors over from Pearl Bakery and just a little ways off of Burnside.

Walking into Nobal Home instantly brings a smile to your face. Wether your eyes are drawn up to the blue bicycle suspended from the ceiling; or the wall dressed with reclaimed shakes and topped with inspirational and humorous catch phrases such as: Your Spark Can Become A Flame And Change Everything; Every Exit Is An Entrance To Somewhere New. The boutique is overflowing with beautiful recycled glass vases, table top decorations, local art, jewlery, picture frames, lamps, clocks and one of the funniest selections of cards I have ever come across. Neil caught me laughing out loud nonstop, as my eyes devoured the blunt but oh so accurate sentiments each card proclaimed. He reassured me I was not the only one who has had a laugh attack in the back corner of the store.  [Read more…]

The 100 Show at Wieden + Kennedy


First Thursday @ Wieden + Kennedy was a blast.The event was called: The 100 Show. Rows and rows of  beautiful, random and humorous art pieces blanketed the walls in the atrium of Wieden + Kennedy. Each piece of art was available for $100 with $50 going to the artist and $50 going to MercyCorps. The art pieces came from all over the world and naturally there was a strong Portland presence.


Paradise rocked the walls and kept the vibe lively. If you missed this fantastic evening, all of the art pieces will be up on Wieden + Kennedy’s website by Monday and you can purchase online.


I love this picture – the shadows of the people exploring the art, was part of the art for me!

Disclaimer: they also had free beer this night – sorry the pictures are blurry! They looked good when I took them!

[Read more…]

Who Wants To Be A Rebel?


Come on, we all do at some time! In fact Rebel Jeweler has created their store on this exact concept. Rebel Jeweler believes ” We don’t go with the flow. We chart our own path. We believe in what is right. And we know how to have fun doing it.”

Rebel Jeweler is located at 1033 NW Couch and focuses on Silver Jewlery with a Rock-n-Roll attitude. The store has a very distinct look, with their name tattooed in a vibrant mural on the focal wall, a red Ducati parked next to glass cases displaying bling to dress your fingers, wrists, ears and neck and sometimes even a band rock’in out as you browse. For some it may seem intimidating but let me assure you, once you walk in, the sales staff make you feel like that is exactly where you were meant to be. The jewlery is high quality and many of the designs and products can’t be found elsewhere. [Read more…]